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Disaster is a time to focus on God's love

We are one human family, and when one part of the family bleeds, we all hurt. We want our country and its citizens to do what they can to provide aid, as well as hope, to this small ravaged nation.

We wonder where is God in the midst of such a disaster. God has promised to be with those who mourn, as well as those who offer aid. God was with those who used their bare hands and rudimentary tools to dig survivors from the rubble. God is with those still wailing the loss of loved ones, and with those who bury the dead.

God is with the relief workers who hand out water and hug now-orphaned children. God is with those who texted $10 to the Red Cross and with those who gave through their churches, synagogues or mosques.

Natural disasters are not God's retribution, but an opportunity for God's people to show love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy.

via seattletimes.nwsource.com

This is what faith is really about, not the people who spread hatred and racism, such as Pat Robertson.